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Office Cabinet Design

Choosing the right office cabinets is a vital step in setting the tone for your business. They’re a necessary aspect of furniture and storage and provide an aesthetic framework that can set the tone for your entire company.

Here at Cabinets & Design by HMI Rescue, we’d like to offer our hard-earned expertise to the companies in our community. Let us help you access cabinets that fulfill all your functional needs while establishing a warm, comfortable environment for you to do business in.

Whether you need a solution for the clutter problem in your small dentist’s office, or you’re a lawyer who needs a comprehensive filing solution, the professionals here at HMI Rescue have your back with everything you need for your commercial cabinet design.

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Cabinet Considerations 

There are many things to consider when determining the exact type of cabinets that will best suit your needs. From storage considerations and aesthetic options to weight requirements and size restrictions dictated by your building, there’s a lot that goes into designing and installing an ideal cabinet solution for any given situation.

When you’re looking for the perfect cabinets for your business needs, here are the main styles you might want to consider.

General Storage Cabinets

When you’re looking for some simple, general-purpose cabinets, we’re confident that we have an option that could store anything you could need while establishing a warm, comforting aesthetic that is sure to make you and your clients as comfortable as possible.

With our proud partnership with Legacy Cabinets, we offer a range of styles and options to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for a robust storage option or a beautiful piece of furniture that will be both functional and contribute to your office’s image, we’ve got a storage solution that’ll make you happy.

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Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are one of the most important pieces of furniture in some offices — and their content can represent the bread and butter of your entire operation.

Not only is it important to have a secure storage option for these vital documents, but it’s also just as important that your filing cabinets be securely built and contribute to the welcoming aesthetic you want for your customers.


Your company’s need for shelving is another consideration that should be taken into account when thinking about design options for your cabinet installation. Sometimes you don’t need to store certain items away and out of sight.

Sometimes, you need a sturdy shelf to place supplies and equipment where they are unobstructed by a door and easily accessible.

Luckily, if you have a need for it, our team can design it! We guarantee that you won’t have to think twice before putting something in one of our cabinets or setting it on one of our shelves.

For Cabinets You Can Trust, Choosing HMI Rescue Is A Must

If your company is looking for an ideal cabinet solution and wants to have no doubts about whether or not you’ve chosen the best commercial cabinet designers in North San Antonio and The Hill Country, you can’t go wrong with the professionals here at Cabinets & Design by HMI Rescue.

Every single one of our cabinets is designed with care, and our team implements a suite of methods and technology — such as the ProKitchen design suite — to make sure that we provide the most comprehensive cabinetry solutions possible.

Our team is determined to provide the highest quality and most personalized local cabinet design possible. We’re determined to do this by proving our expertise to each of our clients, each and every time.

*Cabinets & Design by HMI Rescue is more than happy to help design and order your commercial cabinets, but we do not install commercial cabinets at this time.

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